Welcome to my page devoted to the wonderful, versatile Shetland Sheepdog!  Please enjoy the artwork, and keep in mind that most of these can be put on the fun and functional items on the PRODUCTS page.  Until my ordering page is uploaded, please feel free to email me (AnimalArtworks@aol.com)with any orders or questions you may have.  Go to the bottom to see some neat stuff, only available in Shelties!

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Family Farm for 18 piece tile scene

The Versatile Sheltie

Sable basket pups

Basket Pups, AOAC

Sable Pair

4 Sable Pups
Herding Blue 3 colors Head Studies Sable Agility
The Lap Dog Sable Pair Head Studies The Rope Toy
Spring BiBlack Summer Sable Autumn Tri

Winter Blue

The Baby Sitters


Sable Trio Snow Sheltie BiBlack with Sheep

Tri with Sheep Sable with Sheep Blue with Sheep
Adorable litter of sable pups, suitable for  horizontal products, such as mugs, bowls, checkbooks,  long boxes or faux leather wallets Blue Merle with tire jump Sable Mom
Misty Mountain Scene Sleeping Sheltie Rally Sheltie
Tri & blue headstudies Tri with flowers the good bye girl
Herding Sable Black Class Sheltie blues
  Sheltie Stuff Only!!  
Wooden Lazy Susan, measures app 13 inches across.  Reproduction of sheltie puppies goes around the top of this item, under a clear bar top finish for durability.  Available in all sables, all 5 colors, and aoac colors only Really cute!  $65 Glass clock, with single puppies for numbers.  Too cute.  Available in all sable pups. or multi colors.  Measures 12" for $65 or 8" for $50  




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